La Autoridad del Creyente por Kenneth E. Hagin

La Autoridad del Creyente por Kenneth E. Hagin

Titulo del libro: La Autoridad del Creyente

Autor: Kenneth E. Hagin

Número de páginas: 32 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 1, 1992

ISBN: 0892761067

Editor: Faith Lib Pubn

Kenneth E. Hagin con La Autoridad del Creyente

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Title: La Autoridad del Creyente (the Beliver's Authority) <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: KennethE.Hagin <>Publisher: FaithLibraryPublications

The ministry of Kenneth E. Hagin has spanned more than 60 years since God miraculously healed him of a deformed heart and incurable blood disease at the age of 17. Today the scope of Kenneth Hagin Ministries is worldwide. The ministry's radio program, "Faith Seminar of the Air", is heard coast to coast in the U. S. and reaches more than 100 nations. Other outreaches include: The Word of Faith, a free monthly magazine; crusades, conducted nationwide; RHEMA Correspondence Bible School; RHEMA Bible Training Center; RHEMA Alumni Association International; and a prison ministry.