Vidas Minadas por Gervasio Sanchez

Vidas Minadas por Gervasio Sanchez

Titulo del libro: Vidas Minadas

Autor: Gervasio Sanchez

ISBN: 8480762748

Gervasio Sanchez con Vidas Minadas

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Every year land mines claim 26,000 new victims in 64 countries. Nearly half of the people affected die before reaching the hospital. The survivors, mostly civilians, suffer horrific mutilations. A photographic collection with testimonials from land mine victims in Cambodia, Angola, Bosnia-Herzegovina, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Mozambique, and Nicaragua, this book is a tribute to all those who have suffered and to the individuals who fought for the International Campaign to Ban Land Mines, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.

Sanchez is a freelance reporter for several newspapers including el Pais.