Phishing Scams Targets New Jersey Residents, El Paso Reports Same Concern 

For the past few months, there had been reports online about phishing text scams that continue to bother many people living in New Jersey. One clear reason is these scam experts target their victims here and are serious in stealing valuable information to their victims.

Just like the latest news about fraudsters in New Jersey, these bogus people intend to send “fraud” text messages as part of their phishing strategies.

The main intention of these scammers is to convince their targeted victims to provide their personal information like credit card data, account usernames, passwords or other important access through fraudulent transactions.

Unfortunately, these types of unlawful people continue to increase in numbers today.

According from the report of Jersey Evening Post, the States of Jersey Police have received complains about phishing text fraud in the past few days already. Based on their records, some of the victims are customers from the Barclays and NatWest Banks. The information fed through the police department came from the banks’ fraud prevention team.

In line with this issue, people who live in the city of El Paso had been experiencing phishing scams also through their email accounts. The targeted victims are particularly those who have businesses or vendors. They receive fraud messages from unknown email senders and from a bogus website, as detailed by another news report online.

Based on the information of the complainant who happens to be a vendor, it contacted the city personnel and the unknown email originated from El Paso in Texas. The mail is instructing the vendor to update personal information through following the provided link on the email.

The representative of the city said that the link provided to the vendor directs to a similar website that looks like the site of the city. Because of this concern, they already informed the police department for verification.

To make sure that this type of scam will not victimize any vendor in El Paso, the Purchasing Department had contacted registered vendors here and informing them about the incident, which involve a fraud email.

This is also the same concern reported by the about phishing attack done by online scammers and targeting Gmail account users. From the explanation of Mark Maunder, the scammer sends email to the targeted Gmail users and if they followed the instructions given by the hacker, this person can immediately steal valuable information. They will then use the stolen information for various unlawful purposes.

Maunder is the CEO of Wordfence (a type of WordPress security plugin).

Going back to the reports about New Jersey phishing text scam, Detective Constable Chris Ingham already made a statement that they consider this kind of cybercrime as deceitful or devious. This is the main reason why people living in this particular state must be cautious when receiving fake text or email messages.

Ingham is the crime reduction officer of the States of Jersey Police and seriously reminding the residents about this kind of fraud transaction.