Hackers Successfully Stole $530 Million Cryptocurrency, Biggest Hacking in History

When talking about crypto-currency or cryptocurrency, many people believe that this is perhaps a cryptic idea and might not be favorable at all. Even though some investors did not gain much in this kind of venture, there are countless of individuals out there who found their luck to become millionaire because of investing to cryptocurrency.

Today, this is becoming a new trend of investment attracting people worldwide.

This type of currency is not similar to ordinary money because it is an electronic-based currency. This is the reason why many people these days are still hesitate to invest because they do not know on how it will become valuable to spend.

According to the explanation of Merriam Webster Dictionary about cryptocurrency, it deals about computerized encoding and decoding of information. It usually involves different online transactions such as computer banking, debit card deals and various eCommerce systems, among others.

Unfortunately, governments and banking institutions do not support this kind of monetary deal online and so many are still doubtful about putting up their hard-earned cash from it. In addition, there are existing issues about hacking that had been damaging the good reputation of those companies offering crypto-currency over the Internet.

Just like the recent reported news online, nearly $530 million cryptocurrency heist occurred a couple of days ago and this triggered huge concern after the massive hacking online. As detailed by the news through Reuters, the hackers made an attempt to sell close to 500 NEM tokens, which they stole from their targeted victims.

Jeff McDonald revealed that the NEM Foundation already tracked down the missing coins and originated from an unknown account. Based on the explanation of McDonald, the unknown account owner is making an effort to sell the stolen coins after moving them to at least 6 different exchanges.

“[The hackers are] trying to spend them on multiple exchanges. We are contacting those exchanges,” said McDonald as quoted by the reported news.

Jeff McDonald is the current Vice President of NEM Foundation, which created the crypto-currency known as XEM.

In line with this issue, Alexandra Tinsman who is the current representative of NEM Foundation likewise revealed that they had traced “XEM” coins being sent by the hackers to nearly 100 XEM batches amounting to $83 each and this certainly alarmed them.

One of the involved companies is the Coincheck Inc and as detailed through cnn.com, this Tokyo-based crypto-currency already gave an assurance to its affected investors that it is willing to refund the partial amount of 260,000 currencies stolen by the hackers.

Coincheck is actually leading bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange in the Asian region and said that this particular hacking issue amounting to $530 million is now the biggest crypto-currency hacking from unknown thieves. Back in 2014, the same incident happened when hackers penetrated Mt. Gox and stole about $400 million of bitcoins.

Lon Wong who is the President of NEM Foundation however is putting blame on Coincheck because of its sloppy security measure, which caused the massive heist.

Because of this recent hacking issue, there are now increasing concerns and questions regarding the kind of protection and regulation of all involved crypto-currency companies worldwide.

In line with this, giant social media network Facebook had made a decision to ban those advertisements that promote bitcoins as well as other crypto-currencies, as detailed from the reported news through buzzfeed.com. This kind of move is about giving the right protection to its valued users due to “financial products and services frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices,” as quoted by the news also.

The giant social media network believe that there are now existing doubtful advertisements relating to crypto-currencies, which they appear tricky in promoting “get-rich-quick” to many targeted users. Likewise, this activity is a clear fraud and deceiving to many people.

Get Background Check Information to Verify a Person

If you decided to verify the life story of a person, you definitely have an important purpose on doing such thing. It does not matter if you investigate through a physical document or by using the Internet; I know you want to find a reliable service provider to get quality details in determining the person you want to identify. Nowadays, it is easier to find different paid and free services to help complete the process online.

When you try to investigate bout a person or determine any existing criminal record, you can use a trusted service to gather surefire background check information. By browsing the Internet with care, you easily find and visit the exact website that offers this type of service with legitimate access to various government agencies and public directories. Moreover, you discover useful tips and content on how they help people in getting the best information.

There are existing free online directories that provide helpful information without paying any service fee.  Unfortunately, you may never expect getting important or confidential information when using these available directories because they have limited resources and do not update their databases. If you need in-depth information about the person you investigate, the most convincing solution is to hire a paid company that performs complete background check and have the opportunity to verify the phone number, email address and home location of the person you search.

Most of the available online databases present different records, which usually include from those individuals who have traffic violations. On this particular, you really have to research with care because there are instances that some public records did not remove those resolve legal cases against the involved defendants. Unlike when considering a paid investigator, this expert will verify all the given records about the person you want to check or investigate.

On the other hand, it is very important to review the conditions and do not just close the deal if you are unsure about the service. Instead, spend a little time doing online research to help you decide appropriately if will hire the service or not. Based on experience, it is more advantageous to pay an expert because they provide complete access when doing thorough background investigation.

If you are serious in verifying important records about certain individuals, make sure you do your homework properly. What do exactly we mean by this one? It simple means that you have to evaluate all the details you reveal and if possible, try to coordinate with the best agency to help you determine if these are accurate. It does not matter if you already gathered information from a hired expert investigator or not, you have to make sure that the available details on hand are reliable to use.

Keep in mind that you can always decide to hire a private investigator or find background check information using a free public directory to collect important records. Before you start, you must prepare some relevant information and list the names of people to investigate. Further, you can verify them using their available phone numbers through reverse lookup solution.

Tips to Find a Dependable Company for Reverse Phone Search

Whenever you make a decision to verify a person’s full name and home address based on the available telephone number, this kind of task is easier to complete these days. With the availability of the reverse lookup companies now, you can definitely search and obtain information about a reported phone number and trace the owner. One important reminder is that you can quickly find useful and fresh information about the unknown caller if you determined the best company online.

Right before you can transact with the most dependable company to trace someone who calls over the phone, there are some important tips to help you better. To determine these tips, continue reading below:

  • Stop thinking about saving money with an unreliable lookup service

Always remember that in case you choose using free and unreliable lookup service for reverse phone search, you will not save money from this option because you receive incomplete information. Of course, the Internet permits this kind of service to access public phone directories and so you can never expect quality information after the searches. Even though the available data are helpful, these are usually incomplete because the directories are not up-to-date.

  • Do not be afraid to spend for an expert paid service online

If ever you consider using an expert paid service for phone lookup, do not be afraid to spend money as long as you get quality results. Understand that this is now one of the best choices to help identify the person who owns or uses the telephone number. Because you decided to pay an expert service, this gives you an opportunity to search through an updated lookup directory and you access directly to gather information about different phone numbers and owners. Because of this, you assure quality released data unlike if you only depend on using a free public record.

  • Review the Comments and Recommendations

We all know that there are many look up services today, but some people are still finding it hard to choose the most reliable company. On this, it is important to review the comments and recommendations of people who had choose the company before. Remember that you can easily determine the reliability of the company if you read positive things about it. This is also helpful in making a surefire decision to register an account and choose a subscription you desire.

  • Importance of Choosing a Long-Term Subscription

If you want to use a service for reverse phone search, you should choose a long-term subscription because this is an advantageous choice and lessens your expenses. Moreover, you can search for as many as details you need without any limitation as long you follow the rules. There are companies nowadays that offer unlimited access to use their database, especially for full-time subscriptions.

Keep in mind that these are only a few tips if you need the best guide to hire a reliable lookup service decisions to track down telephone phone numbers. Finally, you can always use the Internet because this is by far the most dependable reference in the world and so it can help you effectively.

Important Questions when Searching for a Legitimate Phone Lookup Company

For people who used a reverse lookup service, they also consider this phone number search directory. These types of directories have updated databases about millions of phone numbers and provide information about individuals connected with the listed contact numbers.

Based on the information shared online about this kind of look up service, the first ever printed and published phone number directory came from a telephone company based in the United States. Later on, they were able to print and publish more reverse telephone directories and distributed to various authorized phone companies, public libraries, and law firms, among others.

It is true that noticed some companies offering such service only process the requests through restricted law enforcement agencies from the government. Of course, some of them are able to find quality and fresh information about the person or caller to investigate. To work with a legitimate phone lookup company, it is advisable to read the details about their exact reputation and expertise in providing this type of service online.

More and more people nowadays are beginning to find and access the available phone number directories and considered this approach as an important strategy. Do you know the reason why they access the directories? It is simply because the number of fake or fraudulent calls continues to increase each day. With the opportunity to access these look up directories, it gives a person flexible searches to look for information about mysterious or unregistered calls that usually waste the time of many ordinary people out there.

Here are the few important questions why you need the best reverse lookup:

Can a dependable reverse lookup service trace prank callers?

If you want to exact peace of mind and never experience the process of having sleepless nights because of dealing with prank callers, you ought to consider and use the best reverse lookup with comprehensive phone number directory to identify the person who is calling you strangely.

Is it possible to capture a stalker using a reliable lookup directory?

If you are a registered user from a trusted lookup company, you can definitely capture a stalker because using the available directory to lookup helpful information about the person. As soon as you reveal the necessary information you need, you can ask the authority to help you find the stalker and file the exact lawsuit to put him or her in jail.

How much to spend for this type of service online?

If you want to save more energy and time to collect the right information from a complete database, you must consider the exact service provider. However, it is important to learn that this type of service may require certain fees during the registration process. When talking about where they use the collected money, this is for keeping the database updated and the website functional for the benefit of all valid users.

Keep in mind that these are only a few questions to consider when using a legitimate phone lookup company. As expected, the best service does not put your submitted information in public and so you are always safe to transact.