Privacy Policy

Our website knows the importance of providing the exact protection to the privacy of all valid users and visiting people. We intend to provide the right security when we need to evaluate and use the data from different people who are active using our reliable site. This Privacy Policy exists to provide the exact assistance to those who need to understand on how we evaluate and use the data or information.

When accessing our site, it is very important for all valued users and visitors to understand our rules and this imposed policy before can use the services we offer using the Internet.

Why We Gather the Necessary Information?

We gather the necessary information from the different users and visitors to help us complete the process in verifying their identities. However, we only gather the required information or details accordingly or we require these people to submit them in voluntary. Should we decide to use the information or details, our purpose is to improve the performance of our reliable website in terms of completing the requests and providing quality results.

When sharing the information, we evaluate the request and usually coming from our partnered service providers under this existing Privacy Policy.

Why We Check and Collect the Cookies?  

As one of the reliable lookup websites online, it is our duty to check and collect the cookies. This kind of process is crucial to help us determine the incoming information or details from all visiting people. In most cases, we check and collect data such as the IP addresses, Operating Systems (OS) and current browsers. We need to assure that we control the web cookies to monitor all individuals who are using our site regularly.


Why We Respect the Cookie Policies?


We always respect and understanding the imposed cookie policies from the different parts of the world, which include the existing cookie policy of the European Union (EU). When we complete the process, we monitor the information coming from this particular region and from across the globe.  We do not intend to ignore the imposed rules when we need to gather and use the cookies.

On the other hand, we have the authority to implement what is right for website and all visiting people need to understand.