Hospitals in Copenhagen Experienced IT Systems Breakdown, No Hacking Issue

Due to the Information Technology (IT) systems problem, there are hospitals in Denmark that experienced massive break down on Friday. The information came from the authorities of the Capitol Region.

According to the reports online, the systems problem occurred on Friday (7:20 in the morning) and began to affect call center businesses, computers as well as telephones in Copenhagen Municipality, which is the central region of Denmark.

From the tweeted information of the authorities, they confirmed the breakdown of the IT systems and assure the public that all systems and networks will function normally soon.

However, later the day they announced that they already resolve the problem, although they still need to fix some of the non-working functionalities.  Likewise, one of the officials from the authorities of the Capital Region stated that it is still early to confirm if the breakdown may affect the planned operations on Friday when interviewed by TV 2 News channel.

The reliable sources of the TV 2 News said that there will be delay on the planned operations.

According to the reported news through Reuters, a region spokesperson said that they are not confirming yet if the IT system breakdown is caused by cyber hackers or attackers.

From the shared news information also, it revealed that the affected hospitals in Copenhagen had restored their computer systems properly after the massive IT break down. This confirmation came from a local authority in the central region.

“The network crash today was due to an error that occurred during a standard procedure on a central network component,” said the Capital Region of Denmark that takes the responsibility for the hospitals in Copenhagen as posted on Twitter.


In line with this, it is very fortunate for the hospitals they did not experience hacking issues during the breakdown.

Few months ago, there are news reports about the recovered health system of United Kingdom from hackers during the “Ransomware” attack globally, which affected almost 100 countries, as revealed by the Interior Minister of UK.

Rudd is the Interior Minister of UK who also revealed that that time, 48 out of the 248 health service trusts within England had encountered problem during the actual hacking attack, as reported by

Amber Rudd however detailed that about 97% of the health service trusts in the United Kingdom had restored their normal operations after resolving the attacking issues.

From the statement of the Interior Minister, the hackers or attackers failed to stole the data of the patients from the different frozen computers of the affected hospitals. Majority of these hospitals are using the 2001 Windows WP software as detailed by Krishna Chinthapalli who is a doctor at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in UK and published the information through British Medical Journal.

With the different kinds of problems and issues about IT systems, it is definitely important to have the best security measure to protect the database and the involved information. Today, there are existing companies with expertise in securing the database of their clients. Of course, they are dependable regardless if a client needs security for a business, home, bank, school or hospital.

Remember that with the kind of exposure that the Internet has, it is possible for anyone to become vulnerable to online hackers who continue to do unlawful activities to their targeted victims. With the right database protection, this assures secured data or information.

Like the issue about the IT systems problem of the hospital in Copenhagen, they probably have the right database protection because they were able to resolve the problem without any involvement of hacking issue.


This prevented any vulnerability to the confidential information they have.

WikiLeaks Reveals Usual Spying and Hacking Strategies of the CIA

After revealing the different issues about the Central Intelligent Agency (CIA) for the past months, Wikileaks is again revealing the strategies that the agency is using to hack different electronic units, according to the reported news through


Based on the shared information online, the CIA’s known technique Vault 7 series has the capacity to spy ordinary individuals who are using their electronic gadgets on a regular basis. Meaning, the United States-based intelligent agency has the capacity to survey their targets through mobile phones, smart television units, various Android units, iPhones and even through WIFI connectivity.

The hacking strategies of the CIA do not exclude anyone because they are capable of spying even those inside the house, if necessary or wanted.

Like the revealed “Dumbo” program of the agency, it can manipulate different types of security systems for homes and can control the Microsoft Windows OS by changing the function of the involved microphones and webcams. Likewise, they can manipulate or corrupt records of videos, as detailed on the news.


WikiLeaks also revealed about the agency’s codename 24 “zero days.” According to the information about this spying technique, the CIA can exploit as well as identify even private information from different people and collect them without the knowledge of the owners. They discovered this kind of tool to the Android OS of Google and it can affect almost 85% Android smart phone users worldwide.

This is particularly those who are using Sony and Samsung units.

As for those who are using iPhone units from Apple, they need to be aware of the revealed spying or hacking strategies that the CIA is using. According to the reported news of, the central agency does not exclude iPhone users from their hacking techniques or strategies. They actually have a particular division on the Valut 7 series that particularly targets Apple units such as Macbook and iPhones.

They recognized this tool as “NightSkies” and different online news had revealed this few months ago. With this kind of strategy, the agency can manipulate the targeted devices using their own command through penetrating the factory setting of the iPhone units.

As for those who are using WIFI connectivity, the intelligence agency also has the software known as the “Cherry Blossom” and it targets, manipulates and monitors connected Internet users through their electronic devices. Furthermore, the CIA utilizes a malware “Elsa” in tracking down devices that are WIFI enables through Microsoft Windows. The agency can quickly determine the information location of the user and do the monitoring without any consent to the person.

In line with this issue, a report from the on March revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) instructed Apple in 2016 to rewrite its Operating System to allow them penetrate a locked iPhone device utilized by an attacker in San Bernardino, California.

Unfortunately, Apple did not agree and the FBI needed an outside party to break the involved phone.

The different hacking and spying issues of CIA began to spread online with Edward Snowden exposed the activities of the NSA in secretly spying many digital and phone units. Snowden is actually the former contractor of the National Security Agency (NSA).

From the statement of WikiLeaks on March, it revealed that the CIA has clear knowledge on the different attacks, which include those from Microsoft, Apple and Google.

“Serious vulnerabilities not disclosed to the manufacturers places huge swathes of the population and critical infrastructure at risk to foreign intelligence or cyber criminals who independently discover or hear rumors of the vulnerability,” as detailed from the press release of WikiLeaks and quoted by the news. “If the CIA can discover such vulnerabilities so can others,” it added.



Trace Unlisted Mobile Numbers to Identify Who Is Calling

These days, many people who live in the United States are beginning to find a dependable website for reverse lookup to trace unlisted mobile numbers. They think that this kind of service can benefit them because it offers the best solution to determine who is calling strangely. Of course, the entire process needs a professional service to determine the necessary information and identify someone who uses an unregistered number.

Some folks consider using public or free directories, but it is not easy to get fresh information about the call. To make sure the information or data are accurate, it is advisable to choose the best service provider with the right expertise. Likewise, this option can provide surefire results and may only charge inexpensive service fees under certain agreement.

Choosing a trusted service provider is necessary to expect immediate positive outcome because of their expertise. Definitely it gives the right solutions to all valued clients who do not hesitate to use their service when tracking down mobile phone calls. Because the database present millions of landline and mobile numbers, it is not difficult to find someone who makes bothering calls.

Surely, having the best service provider online assures quality information that usually coming from other partnered services. They impose certain rules to follow and provide solutions to all the clients who know how to understand the process. Because these are legitimate partnered services, a registered client can assure the same information and results to help deal with a caller who might be a total stranger because of the unlisted or unregistered cell phone number.

As opposed to hiring a private investigator who may charge higher when verifying the origin of the call or number, using dependable reverse look up provides the necessary details conveniently within few seconds without wasting more cash. With this kind of effective service, it is not difficult to resolve a problem about a total strange or prank caller with the help of the Internet.

To assure a positive transaction, it is very important to submit the involved mobile number from an unknown caller. Right after closing the transaction to begin the process, it is the responsibility of the client to review the provided information from the database to reveal the exact identity of the person who uses or owns the number. Regardless of what state in the US, having the most reliable service provider to lookup for surefire information can help.

The Internet can quickly lead its users to hundreds of reverse look up companies to verify unlisted mobile numbers. However, this does not make sure that all of these existing companies are dependable and adhering to the guidelines of the government. It is as well possible that some of them requiring expensive charges and only provide less information. On this, it is best to determine the reputation of the service provider beforehand.

Keep in mind that for someone who needs to determine a prankster, an unknown phone number or an unregistered cellular number, it is not right to get limited information only. It is advisable to search and choose a lookup service with years of experience in providing truthful results without overspending and disappointment.

SD Representatives Voted in Favor of New Bill, Repeals FCC Guidelines

From the latest shared news online, at least three members of the Congress from South Dakota (SD) agreed to support the new bill for Internet browsing and voting down the existing privacy guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

With this recent move by these members of the Congress, it is possible for Internet service providers to sell information from their clients to prospected advertisers even without their permission. It might be possible that because those South Dakota congressional representatives received donations from telecommunication firms during the election, they agreed to support the bill.

This issue began to manifest few weeks ago when majority of the US Congress representatives voted “Yes” to pass the new bill and repealing the existing FCC privacy rules. At least 215 members voted in favor of the decision, while 205 members made an effort to block the modification of the rules.

The new bill aims to provide an easier access to ISPs in tracking down and selling Internet browsing information from the people. Meaning, these providers can decide on what to do with the information without asking consent to the owners.

From the existing FCC rules passed under the Barack Obama administration, it provides the clients more power to stop their ISPs in controlling their information when accessing the Internet. Likewise, it requires the service providers to ask permission to their clients before they can use their data for advertising ventures.

Unfortunately, the newly passed bill somehow changes this kind of control because now the service providers have the authority to use and sell the information they collect from millions of web users. Because of this, many are still hoping that it may still be possible to block the implementation of the new bill because US President Donald Trump has yet to sign it.

If ever President Trump signed and approved it, it will alter the current guidelines of the FCC. In line with this, the White House revealed that the President might sign the new bill because he strongly supports the repealing of the existing rules, as stated by the news online.

It is also possible that even if the broadband providers assure their clients that they will never sell their browsing data, some consumer advocates are worrying about the security of people who are providing information when using the Internet.

According to Jeff Chester as quoted by the report online, both advertisers and marketers may line up to access all the information available for countless of web users. Chester is one of the sincere advocates from the Center for Digital Democracy and he strongly oppose the new bill.

In line with this issue, mobile phone carriers, cable firms as well as the industry of advertising believe that the FCC guidelines can be tricky. For them, it would not be easy to establish better advertising income if they still need to get permission from their clients whenever they need to use browsing histories online.

Because FCC does not control Facebook and Google with less restrictive requirements, most telecom companies today believe that the rules are unfair to them.

As for the South Dakota representatives who voted in favor of the bill, thy said that their decision is for the interest of their people.

Phishing Scams Targets New Jersey Residents, El Paso Reports Same Concern 

For the past few months, there had been reports online about phishing text scams that continue to bother many people living in New Jersey. One clear reason is these scam experts target their victims here and are serious in stealing valuable information to their victims.

Just like the latest news about fraudsters in New Jersey, these bogus people intend to send “fraud” text messages as part of their phishing strategies.

The main intention of these scammers is to convince their targeted victims to provide their personal information like credit card data, account usernames, passwords or other important access through fraudulent transactions.

Unfortunately, these types of unlawful people continue to increase in numbers today.

According from the report of Jersey Evening Post, the States of Jersey Police have received complains about phishing text fraud in the past few days already. Based on their records, some of the victims are customers from the Barclays and NatWest Banks. The information fed through the police department came from the banks’ fraud prevention team.

In line with this issue, people who live in the city of El Paso had been experiencing phishing scams also through their email accounts. The targeted victims are particularly those who have businesses or vendors. They receive fraud messages from unknown email senders and from a bogus website, as detailed by another news report online.

Based on the information of the complainant who happens to be a vendor, it contacted the city personnel and the unknown email originated from El Paso in Texas. The mail is instructing the vendor to update personal information through following the provided link on the email.

The representative of the city said that the link provided to the vendor directs to a similar website that looks like the site of the city. Because of this concern, they already informed the police department for verification.

To make sure that this type of scam will not victimize any vendor in El Paso, the Purchasing Department had contacted registered vendors here and informing them about the incident, which involve a fraud email.

This is also the same concern reported by the about phishing attack done by online scammers and targeting Gmail account users. From the explanation of Mark Maunder, the scammer sends email to the targeted Gmail users and if they followed the instructions given by the hacker, this person can immediately steal valuable information. They will then use the stolen information for various unlawful purposes.

Maunder is the CEO of Wordfence (a type of WordPress security plugin).

Going back to the reports about New Jersey phishing text scam, Detective Constable Chris Ingham already made a statement that they consider this kind of cybercrime as deceitful or devious. This is the main reason why people living in this particular state must be cautious when receiving fake text or email messages.

Ingham is the crime reduction officer of the States of Jersey Police and seriously reminding the residents about this kind of fraud transaction.

Denville Residents Must Be Aware of IRS Phone Scams and Other Fraud Deals

March 18, 2017 – From the statement of the police authority in Denville Township in New Jersey, many residents here are experiencing bogus callers who present themselves as employees of the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. They call different residences and ask their targeted victims to pay their tax dues if they want to avoid any lawsuit.

According from the shared news information online, Captain Paul Nigro these phone scammers present themselves as IRS agents and calling landline numbers from various houses in Denville. They will make an effort to convince a targeted victim about owing money from the tax agency and if the person refuses to send the payment through wire transfer, they threaten by saying a filed lawsuit will come out and he or she will be imprison.

“Recently, we have learned that the people perpetrating these crimes are using technology to conceal their telephone number and substitute it with phone numbers that appear legitimate when they are displayed on caller ID units,” said Nigro in a statement as quoted by the news.

The officer added that these bogus callers even sometimes utilize local police authorities’ phone numbers and this somehow pressured the victim to believe that the fake IRS agent is making a legitimate call.

For the Denville residents, it is important to know that if ever they have tax dues with the IRS, the agency does not transact with them through phone calls. Rather, they will notify them through sending U.S. mail and delivered by the postman direct to the house. This is a crucial matter to understand in avoiding any unwanted fraud transactions from bogus IRS representatives or collecting agents.

Like what Captain Nigro said also, the NJ Natural Gas, JCP&L and PSE&G implement the same notification via U.S. mail and not through telephone conversation when information their clients.

It is very important for Denville residents to avoid dealing with a caller whose intention is to ask for money transfer, regardless if it is about the IRS or other transaction. These days, there are also phone callers who victimize other residents by declaring them as lottery winners and must send money for the processing fees before they receive the prize.  Like what Nigro stated, many individuals easily believe this kind of call and show eagerness to get huge amount of money without knowing that the caller is a fraud.

Based on the observation of the police authorities, the main targets of phone scammers are elders or senior citizens who always stay home. This is the exact reason why the other members of the family ought to be aware of this situation and must remind their elders not to talk to strangers over the telephone. They need to hang up the phone when someone talks about money matters to avoid becoming victims of any fraud transaction.

Another important strategy to consider is to coordinate with the bank where a senior citizen deposits money to get the best help in preventing a scammer.

For the past years, countless of people worldwide are falling from this type of phone scam and those bogus callers had stolen millions of dollars already.

McCain Urges Trump To Support Wiretapping Claims

(March 07, 2017) –  United States Senator John McCain urges President Donald Trump to publicize the evidence backing up his claim that the previous Obama administration had wiretapped him while investigating the influence of Russia in the recently concluded 2016 National Election.

The Republican Senator McCain said in an interview he thinks the United States president must come forward with the information that would indicate the past administration wiretapped Trump Tower. Meanwhile, Jason Chaffetz, head of the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and also a Republican lawmaker, said that he had not seen anything that would directly back up the claim of the president.

Likewise, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the panel would inquire about both the Director James Comey of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department if he had shared information with the law enforcement agency to oppose the wiretapping claim by President Trump. Senator Graham is the head of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee that looks into the reports that Russia interfered with the election.

On Monday, the White House alleged that President Trump still supports Comey, even if he is confident in challenging Trump’s allegations that the previous administration of Barack Obama had conducted wiretapping. When asked if Trump still believed Comey, Sean Spicer, the White House Spokesman, said that there is nothing that Trump told him would make him believe there are any differences that what it was before.

Spicer further added he was almost 100 percent certain Trump did not speak with Comey since the president made the claims via Twitter. He is not aware that it happened. But when asked during an interview with “Good Morning America” whether or not the president accepted Comey’s allegations, Sarah Huckabee, the White House spokeswoman said she does not think he does. On the other hand, the FBI has failed to comment on communications by Comey.

President Trump did not present any evidence to his claim that the Trump Tower was wiretapped. The claim is the most recent twist in a controversy surrounding the relationship between Trump associates and Russia, which determined his presidency’s early days.

However, the allegations of wiretapping took a hit on the U.S. stock market. Some investors are reluctant that the claims could distract Trump from his economic platform of the introduction of tax cuts and streamlining regulations that has fueled a record-inducing rally on Wall Street since the election. The proposals of Trump are still lacking details, which made investors ask whether the president’s post-election rally is already in motion.

University Students Could Face Fines, Criminal Records For Buying Plagiarized Essays Online

(February 23, 2017) –  New proposals suggest that university students who purchase essays online could face fines and criminal records. The government is seriously considering plans to eradicate plagiarism.

This means that students who will be caught cheating could likely be criminalized. This is in the middle of the growing “essay generating” industry threatening to compromise the quality of a particular British university degree. Just last month, it was reported that more than 20,000 students at British universities are willing to pay up to £6,750 for ready-made essays to get a degree.

The Department of Education is now teaming it with universities to trace students who cheat on their essays. It is currently consulting on numerous proposals with higher education departments about the possibilities of fines, being blacklisted academically and even pressing criminal records for students who submit essays written by professionals.

In particular, the universities regulator Quality Assurance Agency is working with the government and is also advocating the new laws. A spokeswoman for the Department of Education shared the Government was all ears to every proposal. She added that a change or revision in the law was something worth considering in the future.

She said it is truly something that could be in the guidance, and they are not ruling out any chance in legislation along the way. The new guidance she was referring to will be implemented in September, which will coincide with the start of the succeeding academic year.

The Extent Of Ready-Made Essays And Dissertations Online

Last month, over 20,000 students were believed to have bought ready-made dissertations and essays from essay-generating websites. For a PhD dissertation, a student can pay up to £6,750. In addition, the volume of students who are using essay-generating websites has significantly increased in the last five years. According to the Quality Assurance Agency, it is confirmed that over 100 essay services online are by now up and running.

Even if the universities are using advanced software for anti-plagiarism to detect any copied academic texts, “contract cheating” still renders markers and examiners powerless in the prevention of plagiarism. Contract cheating is a way when a student makes use of a third party to generate original academic work. It usually involves payments that could go up to hundreds.
As a result, students avoid the plagiarism checkers of their universities. Today, there are hundreds of websites offering ready-made dissertation and essay writing services. These services work under the idea that no students must submit their products and claim it as their own work. But the exact opposite is happening, because in reality, thousands of students are claiming to be the authors of these ready-made essays and dissertations.

Use the Internet to Find Paid and Free Reverse Number Search

One of the most interesting solutions when tracking down unlisted phone calls is a free reverse number search. If you can do proper online research, you can find a dependable website that can help you find the latest information regarding different phone numbers. However, you must still check the reputation of the service provider before you start a transaction.

Remember that there are reverse lookup services that require payments and you must pay the service before they give you access, so make sure to decide properly.

As soon as you make a decision to use a reverse lookup service, it is very important that you gather the exact information about the unlisted or prank call you are searching. Make sure to check the information properly also before you start consulting to the service provider. Remember that you need to determine the realistic identity of the caller. After completing the required details, you can now start working with a trusted reverse lookup company to help you track down the origin of the call.

With the best service provider today, it is not difficult to complete your investigation procedure about a certain phone call that bothers you. Although some people can easily disregard prank or unlisted calls, it is definitely frustrating if you are receiving strange or unregistered calls on a regular basis. This kind of situation requires you to find the best lookup service that can perform the exact investigation about the unknown caller you want to identify.

It is very important that you get accurate details after performing and completing the look up procedure. This is regardless if you decided to pay for the service or use a free option using the Internet, the information you get needs to help you.

Many individuals now want to invest few cash money in find a service that provides them quality reverse lookup searches in tracing their friends. These people believe that with this kind of service, they get new updates involving their friends like their new address and phone details. Obviously, this type of strategy is becoming efficient and many people are hiring the best service provider on the market to reunite with their long lost friends.

You may also utilize a free reverse number search to protect your love ones. Just like when the situation involves your children in the schools, you want to make sure that even if they carry their mobile phones, these young people will not encounter any prank or unknown call from a strange caller. Again, the most effective solution that can handle this annoying situation is to identify the exact service provider out there.

Finally, you can benefit from using free lookup service online. On the other hand, you have to check the available information to identify the origin of the caller if you do not want to hire a paid lookup service. Remember that a free service usually publishes information from various free phone directories and so you ought to be aware of this.

Stop Disappointing Calls or Strange Text Messages with Redpages reverse phone lookup Reverse mobile phone trace is something that we need to use whenever we encounter unidentified callers or text senders. We probably need this kind of solution today because almost all mobile phone users can experience disappointing phone calls or strange text messages from unidentified people. Usually, we may consider them as idiot callers or pranksters who are playing on their victims.

Definitely, we do not want to experience strangers who can easily bother us unexpectedly. To avoid any kind of trouble, we need to find out the real name of the person and the origin of number involved on the calls. With the availability of the latest reverse cell phone directories, we can now trace various unregistered and registered telephone or cellular numbers with the help of the Internet. To make sure we do not spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, it is best to evaluate our choices and pick out the most reliable service to investigate our reported number using an advanced tracking system.

When using a reliable directory for reverse lookup, it can help us track down the name, address, possible employment and other important details about the person. Usually, it is easier to identify someone who use a registered number than an unregistered one. Nonetheless, a good service provider has a capacity to determine both listed and unlisted mobile numbers.

Right before we benefit from the best service online, we still need to determine on how to conduct the searches. This means that we must do a little research using the Internet by visiting a dependable search engine to discover the many reverse lookup directories online. Remember that these directories are not all free because some of them may require certain payment for the service fees.

Is using a free reverse cellular phone search directory helpful?

In case we need sensitive information about someone who is invading our privacy already, we may not benefit from using a free lookup service. One reason is that the available data are not fresh or updated, as opposed to what a paid service can offer us. Because of this, we need to decide cautiously if we want fresh information about idiot callers or pranksters.

How do we perform reverse mobile phone number search?

Again, there are many available directories for reverse mobile phone trace and because of this; we need to consider the most reliable service that provides quality information using an updated directory online. It is advisable to work only with the best service provider to make sure we get the exact details we need to complete our investigation when receiving disappointing calls or strange text messages. Moreover, we must determine the exact charges to pay because we do not want to overspend money when we investigate.

Keep in mind that the possible options for reverse cell phone lookup directories are enormous these days. On this, we ought to consider the most reputable service that assures us total satisfaction. With the help of the Internet, we can surely achieve this particular objective.

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